False Fear of Big Fish

  Many people believe sharks(沙鱼)are dangerous and will always try to hurt or even killhumans.________(1)

  A shark exhibition at the National Aquarium(水族馆)in Baltimore,US,proves this.

  Visitors can touch young sharks,see their eggs develop and watch a dozen different species

  swim smoothly around a huge tank.

  Most people fail to realize that shark attacks don’t happen very often.Humans are mote likely to be killed by lightning than by a shark.________ (2)There,kids Call learn,from an

  early age,not to fear sharks.

  “People fear what they don’t know,”said Nancy Hotchkiss。an organizer of the exhibition.

  “Sharks have been around for 400 million years and play 1til important role in the ocean’s food

  chain.We want people to discover that sharks are amazing animals that need our respect and


  ________ (3)A study ,published in January in the US magazine,Science,found that almost all recorded shark species have fallen by half in the past eight to 15 years.

  Thousands of sharks are hunted in Asia for special foods,such as shark fin(鱼翅)soup.And

  many others get caught in nets,while fishermen are hunting other fish.________ (4)

  “Some fishing methods are actually cleaning out the ocean for sharks,”said Dave Schofield,

  the manager of the aquarium’s ocean health program me.________ (5)

  A They call watch them develop inside their eggs and feel the skin of the older swimmers

  B A shocking 1 00 million sharks are killed every year around the world by humans.

  C In fact, 94 per cent of the world’s 400 species are harmless to humans

  D It is a worrying situation and some areas have put measures in place to protect these special fish.

  E And to make this point clear, the museum has set up a special touching pool for children.

  F More than half of the sharks caught are smaller than 1 meter long.

  参考答案:C E B F D


  1准确答案为C。 文章第一段第一句的意思是,很多人认为沙鱼是风险的,总是试图毁伤乃至威胁人类的生命。选项C的意思是:实践上,世界上400多种(沙鱼)中94%的沙鱼对人类是有害的。此旬的意思和第一句联系起来语意迟滞,契合逻辑,故选C。

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