l、There are a limited number of books on this subject in the library.

  A large

  B total

  C small

  D similar

  2、How do you account for your absence from the class last Thursday?

  A explain

  B examine

  C choose

  D expand

  3、They had a far better yield than any other farm miles around this year.

  A goods

  B soil

  C climate

  D harvest

  4、The town is famous for its magnificent church towers.

  A ancient

  B old

  C modern

  D splendid

  5、Have you got a spare pen?

  A a short

  B an extra

  C a thin

  D a long

  6、What were the consequences of the decision she had made?

  A reasons

  B results

  C causes

  D bases

  7、They didn't realize how serious the problem was.

  A know

  B forget

  C doubt

  D remember

  8、We shall keep the money in a secure place.

  A clean

  B secret

  C distant

  D safe

  9、The great changes of the city astonished every visitor to that city.

  A attacked

  B surprised

  C attracted

  D interested

  10、The city has decided to do away with all the old buildings in its centre.

  A get rid of

  B set up

  C repair

  D paint

  11、Argument among the speakers at the conference is bordering on violence.

  A is close to

  B is beside

  C is next to

  D is alongside

  12、We consume a lot more than we are able to produce.

  A waste

  B buy

  C use

  D sell

  13、She overcame her initial shyness and really enjoyed the evenin9.

  A coming

  B beginning

  C happening

  D existing

  14、The football team,for the most part,were confident of winning the match.

  A mostly

  B partly

  C only

  D really

  15、I wonder what your aim in life is.

  A attitude

  B symbol

  C goal

  D action


  1 C2 A 3 D 4 D 5?B

  6 B 7 A 8 D 9 B 10 A

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